Poznańska 11

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From Grand St. to Poznańska St.

Poznańska St. came into being during the period of center city Warsaw’s greatest urban growth during the last decades of the 19th Century. It was established in 1928 and named Wielka, or Grand Street, which name it retained until the war, when it became Poznańska Street.

In 2014 Warsaw Attics renovated the building at Poznańska 11 and adapted the attic space. Four beautiful apartments were created, each with a panoramic view of Warsaw.


An ideal communication point with the very center of Warsaw.


Poznańska St. grows more beautiful every day. The renovation works which restore the brilliance of the surrounding buildings encourage more and more people to take advantage of attractions of the area. It is a fantastic communication point with the very center of Warsaw, located close to the train and subway stations, as well as bus and tram stops.

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Investment information

Warsaw Attics adapted four cozy apartments ranging in size from 32 to 61 sq. meters, with windows looking out on the renovated courtyard or Poznańska St. The units were delivered in the developer’s standard, retaining the climate of the building through the addition of restored brick walls, wooden beams across the ceilings and large French windows. Their new residents are people who value calm and quiet in Center City.

The concept

The top floor of the building was transformed into a spectacular living space.  The new arrangement required complex renovation works, including new facades and floors, new utilities installations and wooden windows as well as increased acoustic isolation and wooden anti-burglary entry doors which resemble their original pre-war design. Each apartment has its own air-conditioning.

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