Wspólna 65A

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Twin Buildings

The building on Wspólna St. 65A was erected in 1896-1897. It was constructed as the mirror image of the already existing building at Wspólna 65. Despite their identical layout, the buildings had different heights. Wspólna 65 was a five-story building with 6th-story attics at the back, while Wspólna 65A was four stories tall, including the attics, which faced both front and back. Due to their location both buildings housed services on the ground floor and apartments on the higher floors.

Wspólna 65A was not seriously damaged during World War II; instead the Polish government did damage enough during the 60’s by ordering a renovation which eliminated all the decorative elements of the facade, replaced the beautiful wooden gate and simplified the front cornice which was the crowning element of the facade. The only remaining elements of the original architecture are the sculpted doors to the residential apartments, the crowning cornice on the courtyard side, as well as the floors of the stairwells and the handrails.



You’re in Center City, and yet off to the side. These apartments are close to everything – the best restaurants, cafes, shops, colleges, schools, three train lines and the Roma Theater. It is the perfect place to live and enjoy life. It is also a fantastic investment for the purpose of short and long-term leasing.

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The concept

Warsaw Attics plans to to adapt the top floor into a few cozy apartments ranging from 35 to 120 sq. meters. These apartments will be ideal for those who value calm and quiet in Center City. The proximity of urban infrastructure – shops, cafes, restaurants and green areas will ensure the comfort of the future residents of Wspólna 65A.


Investment information

The top floor of the building will be transformed into a uniquely spectacular living space.  The new arrangement will require complex renovation works, including new facades and floors, new utilities installations and wooden windows as well as increased acoustic isolation and wooden anti-burglary entry doors which resemble their original prewar design. Each apartment will have its own air-conditioning and a terrace made of solid exotic wooden boards.

In addition, an interior elevator will be installed in the front part of the building.

The exact extent and character of the works will be coordinated with the Historical Conservator and the Residential Community.

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